What We Do

Greenlight are a results-driven company. We develop bespoke solutions that generate qualified Sales Leads, which ultimately deliver profits to your business. A complete turnkey solution can be provided for all your TV Advertising & Digital Marketing requirements.

Our services include:

  • Market Intelligence
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Lead Generation

What we can do for you

Our unique and highly effective 3-step process of Understand-Assess-Grow TM enables us to thoroughly understand your product or service, the size of the potential market and to create a “must buy” environment for the consumer.

Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence division is very much the investigative side of our company, and with years of business experience gained from many industry sectors we are perfectly positioned to source key information from competitors, customers, distributors, industry influencers, trade bodies, and government organisations and thus gain a fully robust insight into the market potential. We can also facilitate focus research groups at a fraction of the cost of the large Market Research companies. Research set to work for you.

Strategic Planning

The planning process begins with an analysis of all the research we have gathered. From this information we can position your brand in a way that gives a competitive advantage and maximises sales. This process gives an open and honest opinion of the position of your business, identifies possible risks and issues, and forms the structure on which a new plan can be built. Through years of gathered experience, we fully understand what customers value and how to reach out to customers in a cost effective way.

Marketing & Advertising

Increasingly companies are looking at how to get the best from their marketing budgets and maximise their return on this investment. At Greenlight we understand this and once we have established the parameters of the market, our marketing & advertising expertise can develop and implement the optimum communications plan for your business. All communication elements will be evaluated to ensure a plan that will deliver “cut through” to the chosen target market and generate qualified, profitable Sales Leads for your business.

Digital Marketing

We don’t just build websites we build businesses.

Making digital work is the result of getting many elements right in order to avoid wasting both opportunities and money.

  • Are you making the most of digital for your business?
  • How can you generate more sales using digital?
  • Is your online advertising working as hard as it can for you?

Leveraging the current digital world can deliver great success to your business but making the most of digital is not all that easy as both expertise and technology are required. However the rewards are worth it, properly used digital will deliver leads, sales and ultimately profits for your business.

At Greenlight we have both the platform and the knowledge to assist you achieve your goals through the use of digital. Whether you’re looking for Promotion, Lead Generation, Re-engagement or a combination of all 3, we guarantee our work and the results we deliver to our clients. While we may use new technology, it is backed by old fashioned business sense.


Sponsorship plays a pivotal role in the marketing communications mix and yet the leveraging opportunities sponsorship provides are often under utilised. With many years of experience of understanding and evaluating sponsorship opportunities we know how to shift sponsorship from merely an awareness-building tactic to a relationship, loyalty and business building strategy.


All the understanding in world will not bring you the success you deserve if you neglect the final piece of the business jigsaw. Understanding the basics of the actual sales process and customising them for your business is critical for gaining customers and growing revenue. We understand the need to develop new clients and retain long-term profitable customers that are vital to capture market share and impact positively on bottom-line results.  Lead Generation and a return on your investment, are critical to business and Greenlight are perfectly positioned to deliver the results your business deserve.