Why TV Advertising?

TV has become one of the cornerstones of modern life, and TV advertising has become an essential way for Irish businesses to be seen and remembered. Whether you’re a small business new to TV advertising or an established presence seeking a new and fresh approach, we specialise in finding the ideal fit for your business.

TV magnifies Brand Visibility and Drives Direct Response, and is one of the best methods available to achieve long-term, sustainable Business Growth & increased Sales at a low cost. Click Here to see our Case Studies 

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  • TV dominates our leisure time, with a weekly reach of 92% of all Irish Adults.
  • In 2015 the average Irish Adult watched 3 hours and 30 minutes of TV everyday. That’s 2 minutes more than in 2014.
  • 10 years ago in 2005 there were no PVRs, no smartphones, no tablets etc. The comparative viewing figure was 3 hours and 5 minutes!
  • 85% of Tablet or Mobile Phone owners use their device at least once a month while watching TV.
  • In Ireland the number of commercials allowed on TV is regulated with relatively low levels of ad avoidance/annoyance – something that is not the case with other mediums.
  • TV remains the medium of choice for advertisers looking to build coverage & generate high awareness levels.
  • Entry costs for advertisers have reduced considerably due to the growing number of TV channels selling to the Irish audience.
  • Importantly you only pay for the audience who see your advert as viewership is independently researched, on a minute by minute basis, with costs based on the actual number of people watching, consequently your budget works to its full potential.
  • TV Campaigns can cost a little as doing a leaflet drop!
  • TV advertising is a long-term investment strategy, as it stays in the memories of the audience and can continue to turn a profit long after the advertisement has been viewed.
  • TV advertising is immediate, as is the response & gives your message a front row seat in the homes of your prospective customers all of which drive Sales & Profits.
  • TV advertising offers a greater level of social conversation, and we see TV advertising being searched for online far more than other strategies.
  • To see the levels of responses and returns that can be achieved take a look at our Case Studies

Simply contact us! ..We will happily arrange a no fuse, no obligation cup of coffee, to run through what you should expect and what exactly the returns are for whatever your investment budget levels.

And as soon as you are ready to progress, we we can organise everything involved to achieve your campaign goals, including the creation & production of the adverts themselves.

Ultimately our focus will be to ensure the successful outcome of the campaign that delivers responses and drives sales.

Why Greenlight?

At Greenlight, we deliver genuine added value to our clients. We specialise in reducing your TV advertising costs through an analysis-based approach, identifying cost-efficient opportunities whilst optimising your campaign performance.

We organise everything involved in achieving agreed campaign goals, including the creation & production of the adverts themselves, all to ensure the success your business deserves.

We work tirelessly to deliver the number of viewers we say we will through the continual monitoring of your campaign, using TV analysis software to identify areas of possible improvement and new engagement opportunities.

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Why Combine TV & Digital?

TV is a social experience. Audience of all types are watching their favourite programme, while at the same time talking with friends online. This ‘conversation’ continues across a variety of social media & online platforms in the following days.

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